Dustless Blasting

Recent innovations in technology have made commercial and residential cleaning far more advanced – one of those advancements is dustless blasting services! Dustless blasting is a specialized cleaning service powered through a blast gun with fine particles and pressurized air, can remove contaminations like graffiti, corrosion, mold, soot, paint, and more from all kinds of surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly process that complies with EPA and DEQ regulations. One of the best things about media blasting is that it can remove unwanted contaminations without damaging the base material it’s being removed from! See our superior machines and learn more about how it works when you contact us today!

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Dustless Blasting Advantages

  • Highly effective & customizable
  • Safe on most surfaces
  • Faster & more efficient than traditional sanding or chemical stripping
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Residue easily contained & cleaned up
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Your Partner in Dustless Blasting Services

For almost 20 years, our company has been safely cleaning surfaces throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland with dustless blasting. With careful attention to detail and state-of-the-art tools, we continue to provide high-quality services at fair prices. No matter how small or how big the project is, Vision Tech Restoration Services is happy to help! Contact us today for a consultation.

Ready for Quick & Complete Removal with Dustless Blasting?