Dry Ice Blasting Services – An Alternative to Traditional Methods

Whether you have mold, corrosion, or dirt that needs to be removed, our team offers a non-toxic alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, faster than normal cleaning methods, and reduces waste and harmful solvents. With the power to clean both industrial and residential areas, dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly way to clean up your property. Reduce cleaning time with a more environmentally friendly option when you choose Vision Tech Restoration Services. Call today!

Professional Carbon Dioxide Blasting Services

Also known as carbon dioxide blasting, dry ice blasting is a non-destructive cleaning method that works by using compressed CO2 to dislodge both dirt and contaminants from surfaces. Since this type of cleaning is non-abrasive, it can be used on delicate surfaces such as electronics without fear of causing damage. With this cleaning method, you can also clean many industrial surfaces like stainless steel and conveyor belts.

Unlike dustless blasting, a popular use of dry ice blasting is for the destruction and removal of bacteria such as Salmonella and E-Coli. The extremely cold temperatures kill the bacteria while the lack of moisture in the process inhibits any possibility of regrowth. So, if you are looking for a safe way to clean mold, corrosion, or dirt, you should choose dry ice blasting from Vision Tech Restoration Services.

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Vision Tech Restoration Services is a leader in the dry ice blasting industry and committed to safety, sustainability, and efficiency. We use the latest technology to deliver high-quality services at reasonable prices. We are a certified company that has a team of experts with years of experience in their field. With Vision Tech Restoration on your side, you can rest assured that your dry ice cleaning project will be completed successfully and on time.

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Industrial cleaning with dry ice blasting

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At Vision Tech Restoration Services, we are proud to be part of the growing dry ice blasting service industry. We believe that this technology can have a huge impact on how we clean our homes and offices, as well as how we can use it to make our world better. Our team is excited about using carbon dioxide blasting in their work lives every day —and we know that you will be too. If you’re ready to make the switch to an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and faster cleaning solution, then give our team a call today to discuss CO2 blasting services.

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